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Pokies online are driven by a random number generator whereby if symbols line up correctly you win based on the payout for that symbol. Pokies maybe seen by some to be pure luck, however this is not the case, there are some ways you can win on the pokies and we will explain different strategies below..

– Play with a budget that is within your limits.  Set a limit when you start playing on a pokie game and stick to it, you should also keep note of the money you have put into a pokies machine. Just remember that in order to win, you have to lose some money first. Make sure you have enough in your limit to play for a while and get the feel of the pokie machine to sense whether it is likely to pay out.

– Play at online casinos as these have higher payout rates than your usual pub or club. Read the rules and payout combinations for the Slot machine you choose to play at. Read the small print of the terms and conditions, a 98% payout may depend on having bet a certain number of coins. Don’t be caught out by these extra rules.

– Try and play a practice game of pokies at online casinos free play (Free Pokies games), so that you get the hang of the machine, the buttons and winning combinations strategy. Practice games are available at all good online casinos. Once you are comfortable with how you play then you can move to a real account with real bets. Don’t bet on the high limit games until you feel comfortable with how the pokies machine operates.

– Check out the rules on any welcoming bonuses that you receive as you will often have to turnover your deposit amount a number of times before you can withdraw.  Be aware of what is needed so that you are not disappointed when you cannot withdraw and don’t go chasing bonuses by depositing a lot more money.

– If you start winning, cash in your winnings rather than throwing them directly back into the pokies machine. This will ensure you don’t lose track of how much you have bet in total and therefore don’t know if you are eligible for the prizes or bonuses. If you are not winning on a certain online pokies machine then you should quickly move around to another game, as usually a pokies machine will have a payout streak, you just need to find it.

– Set yourself a time limit when playing pokies.  Time can easily get away from you and you should break every hour to analyse your financial position and your win/loss ratio.

– Be prepared to lose.  To often players get too disappointed when they lose and shovel more and more money into the pokies machine.  This should be avoided at all costs.  You should remain strict on yourself and walk away when you loose.  There is always another day.

– Enjoy the pokies, afterall they are a form of entertainment and shouldn’t be seen as a money making enterprise.

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Today’s online pokie machines are a lot more complex with up to 50 different paylines, graphics, sounds, bonus features and free spins. It is a good idea to learn as much about a pokies machine before you play with real money.  Learn about the winning combinations, lines, maximum bet and payout %.

Reels and Paylines
The old style pokie machines had a lever you pulled and a single row of icons lined up. When you pulled the lever, the reels spun around. The reels on an online pokies are the same except that they are virtual and contain a number of different lines.

A payline today might have up to 50 different combinations running on all different angles and variations.  You might also make a scattered win and trigger free spins when 3 or more special icons appear.

Reel Slots, Video Slots, and AWP

Video slots look more like a flat computer video screen these days. They have at least 5 paylines and in some games, like Tomb Raider and Prime Property, 40 or 50 paylines.

The reels in a video pokies always stop perfectly lined up. What you see on your screen are showing on each of the five reels.   Line these up in a specific order per the payline and you win that combination.

AWP (Amusement With Prizes) slots are typically found in the UK and Europe and are similar to fruit machines. They are different to pokies in that they have special Hold and Nudge features and play more like a boardgame if you hit the feature.

Aussie pokies are generally multi line games with free spins.  These aussie games have great graphics and sounds with many different bonus features.  They range from 1 cent pokies to $2 games similar to your Aussie Pokies.

Free Spins and Bonus Features
Many online slot machines have a free spins feature. In Avalon, for example, three queen of the lake symbols award you 15 free spins with a multiplier of up to 8x. Free spins are one of the main ways to earn big dollars when playing pokies online, when triggered free spins offer different music and graphics and often have multipliers of up to 8x.

Another bonus feature might be the gamble feature, where you can bet your winnings on either diamonds, hearts or clubs.  If one of the symbols comes up and you select it, you can double your winnings.

Picking an Online Slot Machine
The first step to playing slots online is choosing your slot machine. All Slots offers more than 300 online slot machines. I am sure you will have no problem finding a favourite.

When you enter an online casino you are often faced with a range of menus and a lobby, where you can begin downloading the games you want to play.  There is also a cashier where you can deposit and play immediately.  When you have found your desired game, just click on it to install and play away!

How to Play Slots Online
Before you start to play online slots, you must a couple of decisions: how much you want to bet per spin, number of paylines you want to play, and number of bets per line. Pokie games can range from 1 cent to $2, however be warned it is much better to start on a lower end machine as you can often increase your wager by betting more lines or increasing your bet size.  For example if you select a coin size of $0.20 and you select 4 coins per payline, you are wagering $.80.

Now you are ready to play online slots and pokies, enjoy!

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